One complete frame consists of total 2 pcs of short side frame + 2 pcs of long side frame.

We have today 2 different frames, width 200 and 400, both for 625 mm deep boxes. When adding the first frame on the base (95 mm) you will get total height of 145 mm, but when adding a second frame on top of the first you get total height of 210 mm, see below.

With our unique EasyClick system, you add-on frames on the VCM Box base without using any tools.



We use as standard polypropylene (PP) as material in our production sites. We take of all waste material during the production and recycle the remaining material in our production process.

The Kardex VCM Box is 100% recyclable


Technical data



Product name VCM  Box Frame 6-2-1 VCM Box Frame 6-4-1
SAP art number 7369853 7369861
Colour Blue   Blue
*External dimensions 625x200x50/65 mm 625x400x50/65 mm
Weight 370 g 450 g
Max quantity package 40 long 625/80 short 200 40 long 625 /40 short 400
Max quantity on pallet 1600 pcs long 625/ 3840 pcs short 200 1600 pcs long 625/600 pcs short 400
Pallet height 2000 mm          2000 mm
Weight of full pallet 240 kg long 625/195 kg short 200 240 kg long 625/172 kg short 400

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