SUMOBOX: Highlighting the importance of dynamic storage

A lot of companies make improvements to their stock solutions to stay competitive.

By investing in dynamic storage and retrieval solutions these companies have achieved floor space savings, improved their picking productivity and reached high stock accuracy levels.

Practically all of these solutions require the use of boxes, bins or other kinds of containers and this is why SUMOBOX came to life. The creation of SUMOBOX is the result of a void in the market for plastic containers combined with an ever changing market.

SUMOBOX products create a scenario where customers can stay flexible and organised at the same time. The SUMOBOX concept is built on modularity which means that all products should be adaptable to the needs of the client, both present and future.

The modular boxes from SUMOBOX are flexible in height, width, depth and can increase your stock capacity by 20-25 % without slowing down the goods handling process.          

Swedish innovation & quality

SUMOBOX AB, is based in Västerås - Sweden, both HQ and the production site, and has been active since 2010.  The company has enjoyed a steady ever since and is proud to be exporting its products to over 25 countries to a wide range of industries.                                                                            

The core values of SUMOBOX 

Passion & reliability  

Speed & Simplicity

Share & Care

We look forward to helping you to store more efficiently.

For more information about our products or company please contact us on                     

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