Stay flexible with Kardex VBM BOX

The Kardex VBM BOX is a modular box system built for Kardex Remstar Vertical Buffer Modules. It can make your dynamic storage and retrieval solutions even more profitable.

The Kardex VBM BOX is flexible in height, width and depth and can offer a staggering 256 different location types from just one box to meet your needs. Save valuable space, get a supreme filling degree and avoid costly picking errors by installing the Kardex VBM BOX in your Vertical Buffer Module from Kardex Remstar. 

Why Kardex VBM BOX?

  • Save valuable space
  • Maximize your filling degree
  • Stay flexible

Click to read more about the machine in the picture above - Vertical Buffer Module from Kardex Remstar

Technical data

The dimensions of a Kardex VBM BOX are approx. 638x438x85 mm. Each box is divided by transparent dividers in both directions so that you can create the location size to match your specific needs. The Kardex VBM BOX base is always the same but it is height adjusted 60, 110, 160, 210, 260 mm and so on by using the unique 50 mm extension frames. The transparent dividers are available in matching heights.

Kardex VBM BOX and frames are both in a dark blue colour. Colour variations may occur from batch to batch. Returns based on colour variations are not accepted.








VBM BOX 9064-100
   638x438x85 DP Blue MB EBU 40096
Frame 7064-100
579x436x49  DP Blue MB EBU 40096
Divider 60 6044-300
60x440 Transparent
60x640 Transparent
Divider 110 1144-300
110x440 Transparent
110x640 Transparent
Divider 160 1644-300
160x440 Transparent
160x640 Transparent
Divider 210 2144-300
210x440 Transparent
  2164-300 210x640 Transparent
Divider 260 2644-300 260x440 Transparent
2664-300 260x640 Transparent


Kardex VBM BOX product folder to be available soon. 

For sales enquiries please contact your local Kardex Remstar office or let us make the introduction by filling out our contact form



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