Dynamic storing with Kardex VCM Box

The VCM Box base it design and developed for Kardex Vertical Carousels Modules, both as a storage box but also as a transport box that includes a divider system with our unique frame system.

With the two VCM Box base dimensions 625 x 200 x 95 mm* & 625 x 400 x 95 mm*, the box is perfect to match the pitch of Kardex Vertical Carousels Modules with a minimum of lost utilization rate and a maximum of storage volume compare to other boxes.

The height of the Kardex VCM Box can be extended in a 50/65 mm grid using push-on frames. The longitudinal & latitudes dividers also come in different heights.

We use as standard polypropylene (PP) as material in our production sites. We take care of, and recycle any remaining material in our production process.

The Kardex VCM Box base is 100% recyclable.

Stay flexible with Kardex VCM Box

The Kardex VCM Box is a modular box system built for Kardex Remstar Vertical Carousels Modules. It can make your dynamic storage and retrieval solutions even more profitable.

The Kardex VCM Box is flexible in height, width and depth and can offer a staggering 256 different location types from just one box to meet your needs. Save valuable space, get a supreme filling degree and avoid costly picking errors by installing the Kardex VCM Box in your Vertical Carousel Module from Kardex Remstar. 

Why Kardex VCM Box?

  • Higher storage capacity
  • Larger volume
  • No need for distance rail between box and front lip
  • Subdivisions are coordinated with the Power Pick Global warehouse management system

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Made for Kardex Remstar Vertical Carousel Module

The VCM Box system can today be used for 625 mm deep Kardex Vertical Modul shelves. The different height of the VCM Box system is carefully developed to maximize the filling rate of the machines, by harmonize the machines different standard pitch to the selectable height of VCM Box, you can gain >30% storage volume by using VCM Box!

Technical data

The dimensions of the today 2 different Kardex VCM Box Base are approx. 625x400x95 mm and 625x200x95 mm. Each box can be divided into smaller locations by three different length of dividers in 7 different heights to match your specific needs of location size.  The height of the Kardex VCM Box base is always the same 95 mm, but with adding the 50&65 mm high frame you can adjust the total height of the complete box to 145/210/275/340/405/470 mm. The dividers are available up to 470 mm heights.

Kardex VCM Box base, frame and dividers are all in a dark blue colour. Colour variations may occur from production batch to batch. Returns based on colour variations are not accepted.


VCM Box Base 6-2-1   7369838 780    625x200x95 Blue
VCM Box Base 6-4-1 7369846 1250 625x400x95 Blue
VCM Box Frame 6-2-1 7369853 326 625x200x50/65 Blue
VCM Box Frame 6-4-1 7369861 408 625x400x50/65 Blue
VCM Box Divider 95x625 7369879 125 95x625 Blue
VCM Box Divider 95x400 7369887 80 95x400 Blue
VCM Box Divider 95x200 7369895 40 95x200 Blue
VCM Box Divider 145x625 7369911 230 145x625 Blue
VCM Box Divider 145x400 7369937 145 145x400 Blue
VCM Box Divider 145x200 7369845 70 145x200 Blue
VCM Box Divider 210x625 7369952 340 210x625 Blue
VCM Box Divider 210x400 7369960 215 210x400 Blue
VCM Box Divider 210x200 7369978 105 210x200 Blue
VCM Box Divider 275x625 7369986 450 275x625 Blue
VCM Box Divider 275x400 7370000 285 275x400 Blue
VCM Box Divider 275x200 7370018 140 275x200 Blue
VCM Box Divider 340x625 7370026 560 340x625 Blue
VCM Box Divider 340x400 7370034 355 340x400 Blue
VCM Box Divider 340x200 7370042 175 340x200 Blue
VCM Box Divider 405x625 7391451 670 405x625 Blue
VCM Box Divider 405x400 7391469 425 405x400 Blue
VCM Box Divider 405x200 7391477 210 405x200 Blue
VCM Box Divider 470x625 7391485 780 470x625 Blue
VCM Box Divider 470x400 7391493 495 470x400 Blue
VCM Box Divider 470x200 7391501 245 470x200 Blue
VCM Box Top Divider 65x625 7370851 110 65x625 Blue
VCM Box Top Divider 65x400 7370877 70 65x400 Blue
VCM Box Top Divider 65x200 7370869 35 65x200 Blue
VCM Box Label holder  7370885 22x75
DemoBag VCM Box 7400781 650x200x120 Blue
DemoKit VCM Box 7400799 500x600x800 Blue



To find out more about this modular system visit the Kardex Remstar website. (www.kardex-remstar.com) 

For sales enquiries please contact your local Kardex Remstar office or let us make the introduction by filling out our contact form 


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