Frequently asked questions

If you cannot find the answer to your question then please send the question directly to

How do I purchase the product?

We sell our products exclusively through our owner Kardex Remstar. Contact Kardex Remstar on your market directly or ask us for an introduction. We would be happy to help!

Where can I find pricing?

Contact our exclusive owner Kardex Remstar directly for pricing or ask us for an introduction.

Does it work for my machine?

The VLM Box is designed to fit a Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP, VBM Box for Kardex Remstar LR35 and VCM Box for Kardex Remstar MegaMat. You can ask us directly or your local Kardex Remstar sales person about the compability with your tray sizes. 

Why use plastic instead of cardboard or metal?

There are several arguments to why plastic bins/boxes (VLM Box, VCM Box) can be used.

  • If the VLM Box, VCM Box gets dirty or dusty you can clean it. 
  • You will get precise locations that are robust. 
  • You get less weight on the tray.
  • You can re-design the boxes over time, no need to buy new boxes if the storage demand changes. 
  • With the transparent plastic dividers for the VLM Box you can see all locations on the tray. 
  • With the VCM Box you have no need for a distance rail between box and front lip.
Can I get the boxes in an other colour?

For larger quantity orders it is possible to choose a different colour than Kardex Silver Fir Blue. Colours may vary some due to the moulding process. Ask us about the available colours and your local Kardex Remstar contact for pricing and more information. 

If you order ESD - it will always be deliverd in black colour.

Are the VLM Box, VCM Box and VBM Box available in ESD?

Yes, the complete Sumobox products familay are available in an ESD version. Please contact your local Kardex Remstar office for more pricing and more information. 

Please note that delivery time is longer for ESD products.

Does one Kardex VLM Box StartKit fill up one machine?

Probably not as the different StartKits in general have 50-100 VLM Box bases that can fill up a certain number of trays in your vertical lift depending on the tray size.

The Kardex VLM Box base is approx. 600x800mm and that way you can easily calculate how many boxes that will fit on one tray.

A StartKit gives you the versatility of the VLM Box system and a wide range of opportunities to choose from. Once you know exactly what kind of locations/boxes that you need you can make a custom order. 

I have a product complaint, what do I do?

Please send this directly to your Kardex Remstar contact.
Please be sure to be specific about what the complaint is about (include order no. and component article no.) We also ask you to provide pictures of both the faulty component but also the production clock that you can find on the component. That way we can investigate what has happened.

Can I return the products?

Please send any request concerning returns to your Kardex Remstar contact.
You can return VLM Box items within 30 days from shipment date from factory. .

Terms & conditions

There is a 15% return fee on the net price plus an administration fee.

Returns are only accepted in unbroken, original full packaging. Return cost of freight, packaging, insurance and any toll fees are paid by the customer. StartKits or articles from it are not accepted. Returns of any  ESD products or other colors than Kardex Silver Fir Blue will not be accepted.

VBM Box, VCM Box  articles are not accepted as returns.

VLM Box unbroken full packaging.

Base 100 pcs

Frame 25 full frames

Div 50x600 175 pcs

Div 50x800 175 pcs

Div 100x600 70 pcs

Div 100x800 70 pcs

Div 150x600 40 pcs

Div 150x800 40 pcs

Div 200x600 35 pcs

Div 200x800  35 pcs


How do you deliver?

We mainly use DB Schenker for shipping. You can also choose to pick up the goods at our warehouse in Bratislava Slovakia. Just be sure to have all freight documents ready and sent over at least 2 working days ahead of the scheduled pick up date. 

What is the delivery time?

Dispatch date approx. 2 days after received order, + transport time from our WH in Bratislava to end customer.

Approx transport days after dispatch

5-7 days Scandinavia

2-3 days Central Europe

3-5 days South Europe

7-10 days UK 

When in doubt please contact your local Kardex Remstar for more information.

There are colllies or parts missing in the delivery

Missing collies claim

First check the delivery carefully and if a colli is missing in the delivery you need to make a note on the transport companies freight document before you signed the document.

You have 14 days after received delivery to make a claim to the transport company that collies are missing.

Claims later than 14 days after delivery day will not be accepted, not from transport company not from Sumobox.

Missing parts claim

If the number of collies are correct but parts inside the collie are missing you need to contact Sumobox no later than 30 days after the dispatch date of the goods. 

Claims later than 30 days after dispatch date will not be accepted.

There is a transport damage to the goods, what do I do?

Make a complaint directly on the P.O.D (Proof of delivery) when the goods are delivered. Please then contact your Kardex Remstar contact and provide a description of the damages as well as pictures.

Transportation damages will not be accepted no later then 14 days after recieved goods. 

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