The easy and risk-free way to kick-start space saving

The StartKit provides a wide range of different location types. It gives you the chance to kick-start space saving and discover which location types fit your needs. The StartKit is foolproof – once you know what location types you need, simply custom order exactly what you require


StartKit Spacer Small

If you have the Kardex tray deep 864 mm and have chosen one of the Startkits 1-2-3 Small, just add-on the StartKit Spacer Small and you will maximize the space on your 864 mm deep Kardex tray. The StartKit Spacer small  consists of 50 VLM Box spacer bases and 200 dividers. Place your high runners, small parts or long items in the spaceras as close to the operator as possible. The spacer is design with a grip friendly ergonomic design for even the smallest items.



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