One complete frame consists of total 2 pcs of short side frame + 2 pcs of long side frame.

With our unique EasyClick system, you add-on frames on the VBM Box base without using any tools

We use as standard polypropylene (PP) as material in our production sites. We take of all waste material during the production and recycle the remaining material in our production process.

The Kardex VBM Box is 100% recyclable

Frames can also be packed inside VBM Bases to reduce number of pallets.

Technical data



Product name VBM Box frame
Art number 7064-120
SAP art number 7220882
Color Silver Fir Blue  
*External dimensions 638x428x50
Weight 525 g
Max quantity on pallet 550 pcs
Pallet height 2200 mm           
Weight of full pallet 118 kg


Technical data

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