The VLM Box Spacer base is used especially made for 864 mm deep trays in combination with VLM Box base. The VLM Box Spacer base is placed in the front part of the tray and fills the lost space.

For example a 2450x864 tray needs 4 pcs Spacer bases. The 3050x864 needs 5 pcs and for the 3650x864 you need 6 pcs of Spacer bases.

Choose to use the extra space our spacer provides for your long goods, small parts or high runners, you divide the locations by using our Spacer divider.

You build them together by joining them in one long section.

On both outer sides you need to place one spacer divider on each side.

We use as standard polypropylene (PP) as material in our production sites. We take care of,  and recycle any remaining material in our production process.

The Kardex VLM Box spacer base & spacer dividers are 100% recyclable.



Spacer Base

Spacer Divider

Art number 3106-6631 5010-6633
SAP art number 7135122 7135122
Weight/pcs 0,4 kg 0,012 kg
Dimensions 603x67xH93 57xH85
Color Silver Fir Blue Silver Fir Blue
Carton size/max quantity
per full carton/weight of full

80x60xH50/50/22,7 kg     

400/192 kg/ 220 cm

80x20x23 cm/420/5,9 kg   

16800/246 kg/223 cm


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