Dynamic storing with Kardex VLM Box

The Kardex VLM Box is extremely lightweight and completely flexible in terms of height, width, and depth, making it possible to create more than 300 different storage compartments in just one box. 

In addition to being tidier, the box’s space-saving sorting concept increases storage capacity by up to 20 percent – an invaluable benefit. 

The VLM Box can do even more: Thanks to its modular design, it can be adapted in an instant to cope with changes to the inventory. Straightforward handling of the boxes makes it easy for the customer to save space immediately and benefit from the many clear advantages the boxes have to offer.

Why Kardex VLM Box?

  • Maximum flexibility due to the individual design with over 300 storage compartments  
  • Simple scalability due to the expandable box system 
  • Fewer picking errors due to the items being arranged in a specific way
  • Secure storage due to the tailored space for each item

Made for Kardex Remstar VLM trays

The VLM BOX system can be used for 610, 813 and 864 mm deep trays in a Kardex Remstar Vertical Lift System . 

  • 610 mm depth: Use the 800 mm side in front to get a depth of approx. 600 mm
  • 813 mm depth: Use the 600 mm side in front to get a depth of approx. 800 mm.
  • 864 mm depth: Use the 600 mm side in front, attach a VLM Box Spacer in front of the box to get a depth of approx. 860 mm. 

Start saving space with a StartKit!

  • Kick-start your space saving
  • Easy and risk-free choice

A StartKit gives you the versatility of the Kardex VLM Box system and provides you with a wide range of opportunities while being easy to extend. Choose between our different StartKit options to get off to flying start with Kardex VLM Box. For instance, the StartKit 1 Big consists of 100 core boxes that can provide up to over 2 000 locations in 33 different sizes. Read more about the available StartKits by downloading the product sheet.

Technical data

The dimensions of a Kardex VLM Box are approx. 800x600x50 mm and you can put 2, 3, 4, 5, or up to 6 boxes in a row to fill up a tray in your Kardex Remstar Vertical Lift System.  Each box is divided by transparent dividers in both directions so that you can create the location size to match your specific needs. The Kardex VLM Box base is always the same but it is height adjusted 50, 100, 150, 200 mm and so on by using the unique 50 mm extension frames. The transparent dividers are available in matching heights.

The VLM Box Spacer has the approx. dimensions of 600x100 mm and can be placed in front of a VLM Box on a 864 mm deep tray. The Spacer can be divided into either small location sizes or long ones with the help of dividers that are 58x85 mm (non transparent).

Kardex VLM Box and frames are both in Silver Fir Blue. Color variations may occur from batch to batch. Returns based on color variations are not accepted.

Base 9050-6624   7051162 1322    790x598x48 Silver Fir Blue
Frame 7050-6625 7051170 363 784x592x50 Silver Fir Blue
Divider 50 5060-6626 7051188 66 585x39 Transparent
5080-6626 7051196 88 777x39 Transparent
Divider 100 1060-6627 7051204 156 585x89 Transparent
1080-6627 7051212 211 777x89 Transparent
Divider 150 1560-6628 7051220 244 585x139 Transparent
1580-6628 7051238 323 777x139 Transparent
Divider 200 2060-6629 7051246 319 585x189 Transparent

2080-6629 7051253 431 777x189 Transparent
Spacer Base 3106-6631 7135114
400   600x100 Silver Fir Blue
Spacer Divider 5010-6633 7135122 120 58x85
   Silver Fir Blue
Label holder single 9026-EHV 7051311 6 92x30   Transparent
Label holder double 9026-EHV-2 7051329 10 92x30+30 Transparent


Download the Kardex VLM Box product folder to find out more about this modular system or visit the Kardex Remstar website.

For sales enquiries please contact your local Kardex Remstar office or let us make the introduction by filling out our contact form

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