Announcement – VCM Box now also in 425 & 525 depth

Starting from 1 January we can now deliver a complete VCM Box portfolio in depth 425, 525 and 625 mm. That gives you the full range of VCM Bases 200x425/400x425/200x525/400x525/200x625/400x625 to create unique location sizes and by adding our frame concept you can adapt the external height 95/145/210/277/340/405/470

That gives you the full range of VCM Base options to choose from 200x425/400x425/200x525/400x525/200x625/400x625 all in height 95 mm.

Simple add our unique frame concept to create different height to fit your shelf pitch 145/210/275/340/405/470. 

And then you create your locations sizes by using our large range of dividers for your need.

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